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Watch frozen Online , really. She's not just a little standoffish (though she's that, too). Everything she touches actually freezes solid. She merely needs to gesture to send snow and ice flying. She's colder than a popsicle, as frigid as a football game in Barrow, Alaska. Even Narnia's White Witch would accuse Elsa of overdoing things a little.

Not that she has a choice. From birth, she's had this gift (or curse) of being able to conjure cold with just a touch or gesture or thought. It used to be fun, too: As a kid (and heir to the lovely, vaguely Norwegian kingdom of Arendelle) she would turn the palace ballroom into a gigantic icebox so she could play in it with her sister.Watch frozen Online

Alas, roughhousing with magic isn't always the safest thing. When Elsa accidentally zaps Anna (she's the sister) in the head with one of her frigid blasts—necessitating an emergency trip to some wise, old trolls—Elsa decides to keep her snowy powers bottled up. Anna is made to forget that Elsa ever had powers in the first place, but as Elsa's now-hidden magic grows stronger and stronger, the two sisters grow ever more distant. Elsa closes herself off, both emotionally and literally, from any sort of human contact—for everyone's good, she thinks. Watch frozen Online


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