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The Lego Movie is really an Animation, Action, Humor with a runtime of 100 mins together with your favourite movie stars. A typical LEGO minifigure, mistakenly regarded as the amazing MasterBuilder, is recruited to become listed on a quest to avoid an evil LEGO tyrant from gluing the universe jointly. Watch THE LEGO Online Our resources are updated on a regular basis to bring you merely quality movie streams if you're seeking to watch The Lego Film online free of charge streaming in HD. In all honesty - when I first heard about 'The Lego Film' I believed it to be a ridiculous concept and immediately dismissed it as something poor. However, when I provided it a second idea, I realized I sort of liked the idea. After all, why not develop a big budget film that takes place in the Lego universe? At the very least it's somewhat authentic (there have been previous Lego films, however they were all direct-to-movie, and from what I realize - they're much different from that one). And in this age of spin-offs, remakes, prequels, etc This movie isn't only for small children. It's for everyone around 35ish that invested many hours attempting to build lego stuff.In addition to the lego though, this film provides everything one seeks in a nice comedy-action: funny outlines, fast-paced action, character types that you actually value, emotional moments. Simply. The. Greatest. Movie


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