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Watch ROBOCOP Online Before watching the 2014 RoboCop, I had a hard time understanding the few positive reviews I found. Now that I've seen it, I have a much more difficult time understanding the outright dismissals. This isn't a great film. It doesn't have a clear point of view, yet seems to constantly strive for one. It frequently halts all forward momentum for painfully obvious and boring television segments starring a parody-level Samuel L. Jackson. A lot of the visual design is horrible (though it seems as if some of that could be intentional). It puts a great emphasis on its emotional story with little else to pick up the slack if that doesn't work for viewers. But it's not an empty movie. I'm not willing to call it smart, but it definitely has ideas. Director Jose Padilha engages fully in the material and frequently comes up interesting and inventive ways to present what could easily have been boring, lifeless scenes. Some of these ideas work better than others, but I found the clear energy behind the film exciting. There's a real attempt to do something here.


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